Work In Progress / 23 October 2021

Hi everyone,

I finally have some time to start working on an old project, THE PIZZAHUB.I tried creating a displacement map on Substance Painter to add some details on the mesh and make it more interesting.

I found the Substance Painter response really good.

The next step will be to create a clean version

See you guys


ChainSaw Game Ready - TEXTURING part 02 - WIP #005

Work In Progress / 07 January 2021

Hi everyone

The dirty version is done!

I just need the last step, RENDERING.

I will leave yuo here some screenshot:

See you soon on my portfolio for the FINAL RENDERS!!!

Bye guys!!

ChainSaw Game Ready - TEXTURING part 01 - WIP #004

Work In Progress / 30 December 2020

Hi guys!

I see the light at the end of the tunnel...I finished textures of the clean version.

I would like creta a second version (dirty) and I will do it soon.

I attached here some Substance Painter screenshot for now


I know that in this images the details aren't very visible but I've done some draft render in Marmoset and the results doesn't look bad.

Stay tuned to see the next steps

Thanks everyone

See you soon

ChainSaw Game Ready - LOWPOLY - WIP #003

Work In Progress / 07 June 2020

Hi everyone,

finally the low poly is done!!!

I used Marmoset  Toolbag to bake Normal map, Ambient occlusion and Opacity mask.

I'll finally be able to texture my chainsaw

Stay tuned!

See you soon... 

ChainSaw Game Ready - HIGHPOLY - WIP #002

Work In Progress / 26 May 2020

Hi guys,

the second step is done, i finished highpoly model.

I created it with Autodesk Maya and ZBrush for booleans.

The next steps will be clean lowpoly and normal bake 

See you!

ChainSaw Game Ready - BLOCKOUT - WIP #001

Work In Progress / 04 May 2020

Hi guys!

I paused PizzaHub project for a moment and I want to try a new challenge.

Create a realistic prop for game, I chose a chainsaw.

I created the blockout version, the next step will be to model Highpoly.

PizzaHub Shuttle - REFERENCES - WIP #003

Work In Progress / 18 February 2020

Hi guys!

I finished the third step, REFERENCE COLLECTION.

This step is a little boring for me, because I can't wait to start texturing step, but it is really important and necessary.

I need guides to make my project more detailed.

Stay tuned for the next step...ADD MESH DETAIL IN SUBSTANCE PAINTER.

I will stream full process (texturing and rendering) on my Twitch Channel.


PizzaHub Shuttle - UV MAPPING - WIP #002

Work In Progress / 10 February 2020

Hi everyone!

UV mapping is like Zen Garden. Keep calm, watch a movie on the second screen and...DONE!

We have some UDIMs, we will see how Substance Painter will react. I think very well.


Stay tuned for the next step...ADD MESH DETAIL IN SUBSTANCE PAINTER.

I will stream full process (texturing and rendering) on my Twitch Channel.



PizzaHub Shuttle - MODELING - WIP #001

Work In Progress / 05 February 2020

Hi everyone!

I am ready for a new project. 

This time I chose to create a vehicle based on a concept of ANTONIO DELL'AQUILA.


I will make textures in Substance Painter but I will try a new workflow to add detail on the meshs directly in Substance Painter (with Displacement).

Rendering Step will be in Redshift Render.

The 1st step, MODELING is DONE! 

Stay tuned for the next step...UV MAPPING.

I will stream full process (texturing and rendering) on my Twitch Channel.